Android SDK has a large number of integrated functional tools that make it possible to test and debug source code, verify the compatibility of the app with different versions of OS. In fact, Android SDK has all the necessary features and tools for the development of many apps. SDK is constantly being updated and a developer can find new tools right there. For example, our developers can build some apps without using any external tools, Android SDK can be enough. So developers should be acquainted with Android SDK and it’s content, it is one of the key skills of Android developer.

We have experience in developing over 1600 Android applications by implementing more than 55 unique features. Collaborate with a small, autonomous team of developers, designers, and product owners to find end-to-end solutions to important problems. Finding a reliable outsourcing company is not an easy task. At Fulcrum.Rocks, we offer all necessary development services in one place.

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Our HR team goes through the backgrounds of many candidates to evaluate their hard and soft skills, English level, and so on to choose the best-suited candidates for a final interview with you. Android developer salaries depend on the person’s individual skill level , their professional experience, country of residence, the company, and so on. Android developers are expected to know their way around APIs. To find out if the candidate android app developer hire is competent in this area, test their understanding of XML/SOAP and JSON/REST APIs. Be it an aspiring junior or seasoned senior, an Android developer needs to possess solid technical expertise, be a problem solver and a team player, and that’s a bare minimum. We provide custom-selected Android developers after the 5-steps talent selection process. Kotlin is a new open-source Android language that’s officially supported by Google.

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Adrian is an excellent developer with a wide range of skills and over a decade of experience at his disposal. He has a professional degree in Informatics and has worked on projects at every level, from low-level Assembly coding to multi-platform desktop and mobile apps. Recent projects of note include a flight/race simulator with unconstrained 360° rotation on two axes that supports multiple games and an OpenGL music visualization app. Ensure 100% safety of your app idea by hiring android developers from us. We follow NDA strictly and have a technologically advanced infrastructure to protect any type of information getting leaked. If you have made a decision to expand your business by developing an android app, then it’s a great idea.

This is a pre-packed set of code that helps develop Android mobile applications much faster. Android SDKs are must-have things for all Android developers. For example, say you need to integrate your app with Facebook. Your developers are going to need to use an SDK from Facebook to speed up development processes in order to do so. Android app developers should have a good concept of product design until the level where you can assist them on your own and not be dependent on a product manager. Product behavior is a crucial part of the Android development process, and working with Android developers that have experience in it can save you a lot time and money. You can even hire a manager at .DEV remotely who can efficiently manage your android developers.

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If you are looking to hire a proficient Android developer, reach out to Turing to make the hiring process easy. Sachin has 5+ years of experience in architecting and developing features for Android applications with the use of trendy technologies. We are an International Team of engineers passionate about delivering sophisticated applications that work. All our projects are new leading-edge developments and require real top-notch developers. The company serves approximately 56 million U.S. consumer and small business relationships. It is among the world’s leading wealth management companies and is a global leader in corporate and investment banking and trading.

If you really need to hire a skilled and experienced dedicated Android app developer to join your team but don’t know where to start, this small guide is for you. Gather all the tasks and business requirements in one file.

Reasons To Hire Cleveroad App Developers

Make sure your coder knows how to use this language if you want an app that meets your goals and helps grow your business to the next level. You are not just hiring Android developers from us, we are now technological partners. Our Android developer team builds Android applications on our server and provide you with authorization code and credentials.

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As more than 80% of the mobile devices are Android-driven, a lot of software products should be made by those programmers. A huge variety of such devices requires more knowledge in terms of compatibility, as different gadgets can perform diverse functionality, so everything should be planned and coded appropriately.

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Of course, the situation among iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile can vary in particular countries, but it’s OK as can be related to numerous factors. On average, developers of all primary OSs make similar money, as a simple market rule of supply/demand is working. If Android is needed more, it means that there are more suchlike coders but not that they receive higher wages.

Turing offers top-quality, cost-effective, and highly productive Android developers who belong to the top 1% of the world’s remote developers. All Turing Android developers are selected only after going through a series of rigorous tests where their skills are evaluated for a Silicon Valley bar.

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Otherwise, an app they develop may not be approved by the Google Play Store. Android engineers use XML to access web data, so it’s an essential part of Android development.

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A dedicated account manager who’s there to understand your needs, address problems and questions, and connect you with the Android developers you want. Android apps require the back-end to store various details. It allows a developer to store & handle a massive amount of data with ease. Android Developer should have a deeper-understanding in Java. Native development needs using Java and an Android developer should be capable of handling any kind of complex Java Syntax and its programming structures. Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle. A developer in Ukraine with the exact same experience and skill level can charge $35 per hour, which will amount to only $17,500.

As a passionate people person, he values openness and simplicity as foundations for creating a successful story. Throughout his career, he’s designed web apps in HTML/CSS, developed client-side apps using JavaScript frameworks (Angular/Ionic), and used Java and C# to develop robust server-side apps. It’s not a simple process, and using it incorrectly can leave your code exposed and your app size bigger.

Jot down a few systems like Rails, Django, .NET, Node.JS, Swift , etc., since every sort of development is highly integrated today. Software system Even though a person does not have practical experience, he/she must be able to identify the connection between these technologies.

  • Ensure that you keep your objectives, company vision, and product requirements at the forefront while taking the interview.
  • Product behavior is a crucial part of the Android development process, and working with Android developers that have experience in it can save you a lot time and money.
  • In this post, we’re going through essential information employers and managers must know to distinguish a great Android developer from the rest.
  • He has a professional degree in Informatics and has worked on projects at every level, from low-level Assembly coding to multi-platform desktop and mobile apps.
  • Before choosing which tech stack to use for Android app development, you need to understand what the features are, what extra features will be added in the near future, etc.

Because it’s a remote team, you might have problems with communication due to time zone and cultural differences. There are several ways to get yourself an Android developer or establish a whole team for faster development. There’s no perfect way, and your choice will depend on your company’s size, goals, circumstances, and budget.

Building A Remote Team?

Our top quality Android app developers will deliver on-time perfect app solution with providing amazing features. As a leading Android app development company, Technource create wide range of solutions or even to accesses mainframe systems. A great Android developer is comfortable working with the Java programming language. While it is possible to develop Android apps using different technologies, the official language for Android app development is Java with Android Studio or Eclipse as the IDE . When you go mobile, you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Having mobile apps is helpful especially if you want to be known as a business that is updated with the latest technology trends. Take advantage of this opportunity to create your own mobile app to widen your audience, and to reach and engage your customers more.

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